Job Posting: Media And Communications Assistant

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United For Iran


MAIN AREAS OF FOCUS: Social Media, Public Relations, Copy Editing



You’ll be responsible for raising awareness for and encouraging engagement with United for Iran’s Iran Prison Atlas (IPA) and other human rights projects. As a bilingual English and Persian speaker, you’ll help develop innovative communications strategies and compelling messages with the goal of positioning the Iran Prison Atlas as a trusted, go-to source for rigorous research and analysis related to political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Iran. Your communication efforts will influence beliefs, behaviors, and policies in Iran and internationally, while your advocacy efforts will put pressure on the Iranian government to free its prisoners. You’ll report to the IPA Project Manager and will collaborate with the Communications team on strategy and branding.




Social Media (50%)

  • Develops a social media plan with the goal of engaging with IPA’s target audiences including survivors, family members, journalists, policy leaders in Iran and internationally, civil society organizations in Iran, international NGOs, human rights lawyers, and thought leaders, as well as partner organizations. 
  • Regularly posts on all social media channels, including Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, and Clubhouse (in English and Persian), ensuring that posts are accurate and content-rich with a consistent voice and messaging.
  • Writes concise, engaging, and legally accurate posts on social media. 
  • Manages social media campaigns including campaigns to release prisoners and promote data visualizations about the human rights conditions in Iran.
  • Identifies and develops ongoing relationships with key human rights influencers.
  • Follows new developments and tactics in the social media space and identifies new opportunities for engagement with primary and emerging audiences.
  • Creates multimedia content such as infographics and videos, and organizes online events like webinars, Instagram Live, and Clubhouse events.

Public Relations (25%)

  • Assists the Communications team with developing a media relations strategy for IPA with the goal of enhancing the reputation and credibility of IPA as the go-to database for rigorous and actionable information related to Iran’s prisoners and other human rights violations. 
  • Along with the Communications team, builds and maintains a media list (both English and Persian) and maintains relationships with journalists, academics, public intellectuals, human rights thought leaders, influencers, and celebrities. 
  • Drafts talking points (in English and Persian) and pitches news stories related to IPA and other human rights initiatives.
  • Researches and helps develop key messages and media statements.
  • Responds to media inquiries, vets media requests arranges interviews and prepares the human rights team members for interviews.
  • Acts as an IPA spokesperson; trains other spokespeople on IPA’s key messages.
  • Keeps track of media mentions (in English and Farsi) and updates the website.

Editing/Content Creation (25%)

  • Assists the IPA translator with copy editing and proofreading IPA content including prisoner profiles, research reports, briefing documents, and web content before it is published, ensuring that academic content and complex data are communicated accurately and with our target audiences in mind.
  • Copy edits and helps design high-quality, sophisticated content such as reports, brochures, and white papers with the goal of building trust in IPA’s research, approach, and reputation.
  • Oversees the editing, proofreading, and publishing of all IPA website content. 
  • Stays up to date on Iranian human rights issues and continues to educate themselves on issues related to IPA’s work including Iranian and international law, human rights in Iran, data-based advocacy, and research best practices. 


  • Strong writing and editing skills, in Persian and English.
  • Passion for Iranian human rights and for data-driven approaches to advocacy.
  • Ability to liaise professionally with the Iranian human rights community, the traditional media outlets and to build new media relationships.
  • Keen understanding of social media, especially how to communicate complicated information in a concise and clear manner.
  • Strong understanding of IPA’s mission and broader human rights issues in Iran and willingness to continue studying and learning by attending IPA’s workshops. 
  • Attention to detail, including drafting, editing, styling, and formatting copy.
  • Good eye for design and proficiency in graphic design applications like Canva.
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously while managing deadlines.
  • Familiarity with CMS platforms, especially WordPress.
  • Proficiency with Google Drive applications and Microsoft products. 

Salary and Benefits

Your salary will be commensurate with your experience. U4I staff enjoys generous benefits including unlimited paid time off and parental leave, teleworking options, and flexible schedules, all while taking pride in meaningful work with a critical social mission.

How to Apply

Please send your resume along with writing samples in both English and Persian to