Iranians: Amsterdam will stand with you on July 25th

Sep 30, 20090 comments

Originally Published 7/18/2009 The Amsterdam team consists of a very energetic, positive, hardworking and enthusiastic group with either Dutch and/or Iranian background. Working in small groups, each team has been assigned with a particular task, and via daily updates everyone in the group is informed about the developments within each cluster. After a slow start, despite vacation time, or as the Dutch put it; the “komkommertijd ”(=cucumber time: silly season), we have managed to book most of our guest speakers and bands. We have also been successful in finding 20 volunteers to help us on the day of the event, which makes us only 30 short of the 5O needed. Furthermore, we have set up our own Hyves and website, and are currently making a promotional video, which we hopefully be able to post on the website within a day or two. As for this weekend, rain or shine , we will be cruising the cities and passing out flyers (10,000 printed so far) as to many people as possible, and try to persuade them to come to Museumplein next Saturday in solidarity with Iranian people, and not to mention for inspiring speakers and great music. Iranians, the world will stand with you on 25 July 2009!!