Iranian students defy clampdown, heightened security on Student Day (16 Azar Synopsis)

Dec 8, 20100 comments

Cross-posted from On December 7, 2010 Iranian students defied a security clampdown and marked 16 Azar (Iran Student Day) to hold protests. Video footage trickled out of Iran showing gatherings chanting and singing protest songs across university campuses in several cities, including Tehran, Ghazvin, Tabriz, Hamedan, and Zahedan. has posted several pictures from events across Iran’s universities. The news source reported that during the rally in front of Amir Kabir University, students displayed photos of imprisoned student activist, Majid Tavakoli, who was arrested following Student’s Day in 2009. also reported that at Azad University in Ghazvin today there were over 1000 students gathered and chanting despite the presence of security forces. also posted several videos of the gatherings, some of which can be found below. Keep updated on student news coming out of Iran by visiting:

Inside Iran: More YouTube Videos from 16 Azar

CNN Video Report about Iranian Students, International Community Protesting Online for 16 Azar – 7 December 2010 Yesterday, CNN did a video report covering the online actions taken around the world to mark support and solidarity with Iran’s students. Your efforts at online activism, whether it be sending e-letters, mailing postcards, or even just hitting “Like,” are highlighted alongside and Thanks so much to the international community for stepping up, taking action, and proving that online advocacy does have an impact! (Coverage begins at 0:36).

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  • Send e-letters to UN officials, IRI authorities, and Foreign Ministers worldwide urging them to support Iran’s students!
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Background Since 1953, Iranian students have annually commemorated Iran’s National Student Day (16 Azar / December 7) with rallies and demonstrations to demand academic freedoms and basic rights. 16 Azar marks the day three students were killed when police forces opened fire on the students of University of Tehran demonstrating Nixon’s visit to Iran. Following the disputed 2009 elections especially, revitalized students activists again engaged in demanding basic rights and academic freedoms by rallying together. As a result of this increased activity, the number of students detained and imprisoned has greatly increased. 16 Azar remains a symbol of the struggle of Iranian students in their quest for basic academic freedoms and human rights.