Iranian education system to undergo radical changes

Oct 1, 20100 comments

Iran’s minister of education announced that the ministry will soon alter textbooks and educational trends in schools in order to realize a complete overhaul of the education system. According to ISNA the minister announced a five year plan to change the content of educational text books “in order to turn students into thinkers.” He claimed that the changes are aimed at connecting teachers with the supreme leadership as well as religious thinking and positive attitudes toward the regime. He insisted that the intended changes are a reflection of the leader’s views on education. He also added that ten thousand Quranic schools will open within a week and they plan to increase them to 50 thousand while charging local clergy and Basij forces with their administration. He also reported the building of prayer rooms in schools and announced the establishment of joint courses to be taught by the education ministry and seminaries. In the post election protests, Islamic Republic hardliners and the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei have repeatedly announced that changes in the education system are vital in order to avoid such anti-government outbursts. Source: