Iran Has “Lost” an Oil Rig

Jun 24, 20150 comments

In Iran, a country where 92 people were arrested yesterday for not observing Ramadan, an oil rig has been missing since 2011 and no one has been arrested in connection to it.

On Tuesday, Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zangeneh confirmed that a drilling rig Iran bought for 78 million dollars in 2011 during Ahmadinejad’s presidency has gone missing. Earlier, a member of the Majles (Iranian parliament) Nader Ghazipour had said that Speaker of Majles has assigned the head of the Energy Commission to investigate the case.

According to local media the oil rig was purchased from a foreign country in 2011 and was paid for in full. However, there is no evidence that the rig was ever delivered. Iranians, as they often do during controversies and adversities, turned to Twitter to express their disbelief:

@solanzhE: In this country a huge oil rig goes missing and we were asking, “Where is my vote!”

@pooriast It’s not surprising that an oil rig went missing during Ahmadinejad’s administration. What is surprising is that the Milad Tower is still standing!!

@imanbrando Maybe Ahmadinejad had given the oil rig to Chavez’ mother, as a gift. We don’t know.

@adastjerdi11 They can’t find an oil rig and you expect to find your soul mate?

@sizdah42 We have lost an oil rig. We ask the finder to please drop it in the nearest mailbox.