Imprisoned Babol student’s short furlough

Apr 13, 20100 comments

13 April 2010

On Sunday morning, the Babol Prosecutor’s Office agreed to a short furlough for Mohammad Esmaeelzadeh. Student sources told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that following repeated requests by Mohammad Esmaeelzadeh for a furlough leave to visit and spend time with his wife and newborn baby at the hospital, the Babol Prosecutor’s Office has only given him four days’ leave. This is not enough time for him to visit his wife at a hospital in Karaj, where she gave birth to their child. He will not be able to see his newborn child during this time. Sources tell the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that the Babol Prosecutor’s Office and Intelligence Office have put pressure on Esmaeelzadeh, telling him that he is not authorized to leave Babol during his furlough. Mohammad Esmaeelzadeh is a student of Payam-e-Noor University and he writes in his blogs, Boutimar. During the elections, he was active as a student campaigner in Mehdi Karroubi’s campaign. After the post-elections events, he was imprisoned for a month at Babol’s Mati Kolay Prison on the charge of insulting the Supreme Leader, where he was under immense pressure by the Babol Intelligence Office interrogators. He is currently serving his 93-day sentence along with Mohsen Barzegar and Iman Sadeghi.