Imprisoned Actor’s Family Awaits His Release After Pardon

Sep 6, 20110 comments

On Saturday, 3 September, several Iranian websites reported the release of Iranian stage and screen actor, Ramin Parchami. However, he remains at Evin Prison’s Ward 350.  His wife, Shokouh Jiroodi, told the Campaign that Parchami’s pardon letter was signed by the judge, and he is therefore is expected to be released any moment. While waiting outside Evin Prison for her husband’s release for hours on Monday, his wife spoke with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. “It’s 10 p.m. now and many of the pardoned prisoners have already come out  It is no longer crowded outside the prison, but I continue to wait for Ramin. I have been coming and standing outside Evin Prison for three nights now, but Ramin has not been released yet. I saw his pardon letter, written by the judge. But his name has not been read by prison authorities like the other pardoned prisoners. Each of the soldiers in front of the prison say something different. In a few minutes, the lights-out bell will go off in the prison, and then no prisoners will be sent out. He will not be released tonight, either,” said Jiroodi. Parchami’s wife told the Campaign that she had a booth visit with her husband on Saturday. “Thank God, he was very well and very happy for his release.  I think it must be hard for him to be waiting for his release at any moment and yet, not be released,” she said. “Tonight they read the names of 40 prisoners who have been pardoned, but Ramin’s name wasn’t among them. Many of the pardoned prisoners had financial charges, and a few of them were security prisoners. While I was standing here, I saw Mostafa Tajzadeh come with his family and go inside the prison. His leave was over,” she added. “His case judge says that he sent the pardon letter to prison three days ago, but the prison officials were saying the letter has not arrived, until today, when they said his name is on the pardon list. But one of the soldiers said that if a large crowd gathers outside the prison, they won’t release Ramin. So I, along with 13 members of Ramin’s family who had cameto welcome him, waked away from the prison gate and waited for Ramin on a street corner, but he was not released,” said Jiroodi. Two days ago, Ramin Parchami’s family was informed that his name was on the list of pardoned political prisoners, advising them to appear at Evin Prison for his release. But for the third night in a row, his family waited for hours and he was not released. The actor was arrested on 14 February 2011 during street protests and transferred to Evin Prison.