ICHRI – About & Mission of the Campaign

Nov 3, 20090 comments

The mission of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran is to gather support for Iranian human rights activists and defenders who are advocating for their civil, political, social, and economic rights within the framework of international treaties and standards that define Iran’s obligations. The Campaign is founded on these principles: that human rights in Iran, and in every country, are a matter of legitimate international concern and essential to establishing international peace and security; that human rights in Iran can only be implemented with the assistance of civil society, whose role must be protected and sustained; that human rights compliance in Iran should be approached from a non-partisan perspective, and detached from political objectives; and that solidarity with any and all peoples prevented from enjoying their human rights is a moral imperative of our time. In order to encourage and assist state authorities to respect and abide by international standards and law, the Campaign will document Iran’s compliance with its international human rights obligations, and publicize this and other relevant information to help provide a basis for accurate evaluations and constructive recommendations for improvements. The Campaign will inform civil society actors and media from around the world on the situation of human rights in Iran, urging them to support their Iranian colleagues. The Campaign will advocate in international institutions, promoting recommendations put forward by human rights and social movements in Iran, and providing a platform for their views. The Campaign will reach out across the world to build a network devoted to its principles, and ready to contribute to the realization of its goals. Background In late 2007, human rights activists working in the framework of the Dutch nongovernmental organization Foundation for Human Security in the Middle East resolved to found an international initiative focused on the urgent challenges faced by the Iranian people, and in particular civil society and the human rights community. The human rights community in Iran is in an exposed and dangerous position, subject to severe persecution and without effective support from the international community. International tensions provide a pretext for increasing repression within Iran, and remove human rights from the international agenda. The vibrant social movements in Iran—movements, inter alia, of women, students, and workers— work courageously in an un-free environment, subject to tremendous official pressures. They urgently need and welcome international concerns and solidarity, which must be strengthened through more effective support from international civil society and intergovernmental institutions.