Huffington Post: Global Demonstration In Solidarity With Iranians

Oct 9, 20090 comments

The Huffington Post, July 24 – Tomorrow, people around the word will demonstrate their solidarity with the protestors in Iran by gathering in cities around the world for an international day of action. Details about the event are listed at and Amnesty International’s web site highlights some of the larger events planned in the United States. We will be featuring an interactive map and slideshow from the day’s events. If you will be attending a demonstration in the US or abroad, upload your photos by pressing the “Contribute” button below and specify where the photo was taken. Here’s what the Washington Times had to say about the day of solidarity:

Human rights groups and Iran activists are organizing a massive “Global Day of Action” on Saturday, hoping to rally people in more than 60 cities in support of Iran’s democracy movement.The rallies are to take place from Kabul to Kansas City, from Tokyo to San Francisco and include a march in Washington, from the local office of the United Nations to the national Mall, said Hadi Ghaemi, spokesman for the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. Mr. Ghaemi said the demonstrations will be live-streamed to Iranians on YouTube and other Internet sites in hopes of encouraging them to persist in their rejection of disputed results in Iran’s June 12 presidential elections. The Iranian government says the landslide victor was incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. However, hundreds of thousands of Iranians have turned out in the streets – risking arrest and even death at the hands of security forces – to decry the results as fraudulent and demand a new vote.

If you want to a picture from your cell phone, email it to with your name in the subject line and the exact location where the photo was taken in the body of your email.