Help Mail 1,000 Postcards to UN Human Rights Council Members in Geneva

Feb 14, 20110 comments

Donate & U4I will mail a postcard on your behalf DonateNowU4I is currently raising funds to ensure 1,000 anti-execution postcards are sent to the UN Human Rights Council members in Geneva urging them to appoint a human rights monitor on Iran. As of March 8, U4I can mail about 700 of the 1,000 postcards can be sent. With a small donation U4I will mail a postcard on your behalf. We recommend a $5 donation in order to offset the costs of printing and mailing, but even $1 ensures 1 more postcard is mailed. All the funds received for postcard donations will go directly to mailing as many postcards as possible. Under the “Program Designation” drop-box on the donation page simply choose “Postcard Donations” to ensure your donation goes to the postcard campaign. Click here to donate. Print-and-Mail Your Own Join activists worldwide urging the IRI to halt its “execution binge” and for a human rights monitor to be appointed on Iran. Consider printing and mailing postcards urging a halt to execution or mail through March 25th postcards urging the UN Human Rights Council to appoint a human rights monitor on Iran. If you’re hosting a rally take postcards! We hope that each group or city will print and mail at least 100 postcards. The postcard can be downloaded and printed on your home computer, folded it in half, addressed, stamped, and mailed. To download a postcard, click the download link next to the postcard you want and save the PDF onto your computer. Click here to download anti-execution postcards. Click here to download “Appoint Human Rights Monitor” postcards.