Free to be Me: A Painting Celebrating the Women of Iran

Dec 11, 20090 comments


I am an artist who is celebrating the civil rights movement in solidarity with Iranian women by dedicating in spirit my piece of work from my “Essence of Being” collection entitled, “Free to be Me.” This piece symbolizes the struggle of women – individually and collectively – around the world, as a united effort to free each other from false belief systems that have not been serving us. We find our strength by turning to a higher source that is our guiding light and unwavering pillar. This light permeates our souls transmuting our fears into fearlessness. Through it, we are able to break the chains of suffering and unveil a world of unlimited possibilities. Finally, for transformation and metamorphosis to take place, we must look within to find the will to be free—the will to be me. Wanda K. Whitaker Artist, Anchored in Spirit