Frankfurt International Book Fair – 2009

Oct 20, 20090 comments

GreenFrankfurt Germany was Green   Scroll down to learn more and see video of the event!   From

To all citizens in the free world Raise your voice to protect political prisoners in Iran and prevent executions. After the presidential elections in Iran, millions of people demonstrated peacefully against the manipulated results of the presidential election. More than 70 people are known to have been killed by security forces and thousands were arrested. Individuals were abducted by paramilitary organizations. Thousands of peaceful demonstrators were arrested on the street, at home, and even in hospitals. They were placed in overcrowded cells and not only tortured, but raped and sometimes killed in order to create terror and fear. More than 100 participants in the protest movement have to answer now before the revolutionary court. Just one day after the International Day against the Death Penalty, commemorated on the 10th of October, the Islamic Republic of Iran began to condemn political prisoners to death. As of the 13th of October, they have been four death sentences. Arash Rahmanpur, Nasser Abdolhosseiny, Mohammadreza Zamani, and Hamed Ruhinejad are now all sentenced to death. These four have done nothing more than exercise their human rights of freedom of expression. It is feared that many more death sentences will follow if the people of the world do not take a stand. We, the signatories of this appeal, ask you, in the name of humanity, to work for the release of all political prisoners in Iran. Twenty-one years ago, thousands were executed in Iran’s prisons simply for opposing the Islamic regime. This time, we need to show that the world is watching and that we will not allow history to repeat itself. Please do not leave the people in the Iranian prisons alone. We ask you to use your diplomatic, social, and journalistic commitment to prevent a foreseeable mass murder. –United 4 Iran Germany