Four Kermanshah Cultural Figures Released, While Four Others Remain in Prison

Sep 1, 20110 comments

A human rights activist in Kurdistan told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that of the eight cultural and literary figures that were detained a month ago in the city of Gilan-e-Gharb, four were released on bail in the past two days. The detention of four others has been extended for another month. Maryam Amini, Naeem Najafi, Jamal Khani and Sina Bijanpour were freed on a bail of $50,000 (50 million toman), and were all charged with “propaganda against the regime.” Each of them spent a month in solitary confinement in the Kermanshah Intelligence Office Detention Center, and they were recently transferred to Kermanshah’s Dizelabad and Women’s Prisons. The detentions of Sajjad Jahanfar, Ezzedin Heydari, Farhad Vakilinia and Maziar Mohammadi have been extended for a month, and they remain at Kermanshah Intelligence Office Detention Center. However, their families have expressed hope that they will be freed by Eid al-Fitr, the holiday marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Jahanfar, a young Kurdish writer and researcher, has authored several literary works including the seven-volume “Stories of the Medea Land” and other works in Kurdish language. The other detainees are members of the Banan Literary Society and contributors to the cultural website Tagh-e-Vossan.