Flowers4Iran, a Poem to Accompany the Flowers: Promise

Dec 10, 20090 comments

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Promise Children! Children of Iran! We promise you today a tomorrow of a different kind: We promise you today that tomorrow teachers smile again, laugh. We promise you laughter! We promise you: Miss Parvin Benam Kind, compassionate, always there, “a lioness watching over precious tiny cubs of the pride, brave, proud!” Holds you in her loving arms when you fall jumping from square 6 to 7and 8, “Leyle!” Dries your tears, collects the “salt” Sweet talks till you smile again. Pain no more. We promise you: Mrs Torabi won’t come to school with eyes all red (she has cried all the night again!). Her daughter is now returned safe, secure, unhurt! We promise you: BÃBÃ NÃN DÃD, MÃMÃ ÃB,… and both love! Play, garden, grass, flowers of every colour Red apples and pretty books! Words that make sense for they warm the heart. Kindness, love, friendship,empathy,human dignity. Tale of “davidam o davidam!” Saga of “Shah e paria.” We promise you: SÃSÃN won’t go to school with hole in shoes, SÃRÃ with empty stomach. Street: a place only to say “Good morning neighbour,” “It’s a beautiful day, won’t you say?” We promise you: Samad will come to school every day with a sack full of oranges and his words bring the sweet grandma to mind, sweet and kind, Ãzari, Sorãni, Baluchi, Turkman… and Dari. We promise you: Mr. Wahdati won’t be taken away by bearded men, for he said: Children! One is not only a number, “one” is You, is SÃSÃN, SÃRÃ. The beginning, and rebirth of the beginning The future, infinity! “One equals one always”. Thus SÃSÃN equals SÃRÃ. The most sacred figure of all, the centre, the universe! One is human, “one human” black white and all the colours in between. Children: We promise you! We promise you “Naranj o Toranj,” colourful balloons, Tranquillity of “home”, warmth, light of “classroom,” Pigeons of all colours on the roof tops Under the sun Carefree, content, scared of nothing, no one Security out there, even in unknown, Far away places. Peace. We Promise you: Tomorrow is yours! Mark these words. Sia 2009-12-06