Eyewitness: Abtahi’s Attackers Had Guns And Walkie Talkies

May 24, 20100 comments

Former Deputy President of Iran, Seyed Mohammad Ali Abtahi, was attacked by plainclothes forces yesterday as he left a memorial service in Shahr-e-Rey, 9 miles outside Tehran. The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has received reliable reports from witnesses who confirmed that the attackers had walkie-talkies and guns. Though Abtahi has not given more details of the attack, information received by the Campaign indicates that the attack was pre-planned by an official paramilitary organization and the intent was to frighten and intimidate Abtahi. On his Facebook page Abtahi wrote, “…I was attacked by several plainclothes forces as I tried to leave. Later, in the middle of the freeway near the shrine, a car cut me off and several motorcyclists attacked my car with cables and knives, kicking my car. They broke the windows and threw teargas into my car. I made a miraculous exit from the area with broken car windows and my eyes stinging from the teargas. It was a very savage attack. Nobody came to help me. They were so sure and fearless. God took mercy on me.” The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran expresses concern over groups and plainclothes forces related to the Basij and IRGC systematically abusing and intimidating citizens. The Campaign demands that Iranian judicial authorities locate the supporters of such savage actions and prosecute those responsible to prevent similar incidents. The evidence clearly shows that the plainclothes forces were equipped with guns, walkie talkies, and teargas. Silence of Iranian authorities and potential allegations that such actions are related to groups outside Iran only further confirm the suspicion that these forces act in a coordinated manner with parts of the Iranian Judiciary which are under the influence of military and intelligence organizations. Source: http://www.iranhumanrights.org/2010/05/eyewitness-abtahis-attackers-had-guns-and-walkie-talkies/