Election news at your fingertips with Sandoogh96

Apr 28, 20170 comments


On May 19th, Iranians will vote in presidential and local council elections. Ahead of this important day for Iran we’re proud to announce the release of the newest IranCubator mobile app developed by IranWire and Small MediaSandoogh96.

Sandoogh96 — Vote2017 in English — is a powerful tool. For the first time, Iranians will have unfiltered election information in the palm of their hands.

Want to check Sandoogh96 out? Download the app on your Android phone here or your iPhone here.

When Iranians head to the polls next month, they will do so in a country where the government routinely censors the news. The government owns or controls all major radio and television stations in the country and systematically jams radio and television programs that are broadcasted from outside. Iranians need to use illegal filter-busting software to access blocked social media sites like Facebook and twitter. As a result, finding propaganda-free information about the six presidential candidates is a real challenge.

Sandoogh96 gives the app users information on how local and presidential candidates view a wide range of issues. Want to know a candidate’s stance on Iran’s relationship with the West? Women’s rights? Civil and cultural rights? Or the candidates’ economic policies? Sandoogh96 has it covered.

The app has updated information on local and national races. IranWire‘s unique access to local citizen journalism in all 31 Iranian provinces gives users the most current election news and analysis.

One of the app‘s coolest features is its “find a match” tool that lets voters to identify candidates most aligned with their positions in six major categories.

The app also gives Iranians accurate information on when, where, and how to vote.

Maziar Bahari, IranWire‘s director, believes that Sandoogh96 fills a big gap in Iranian election coverage by providing an unfiltered look at candidate actions, beliefs and statements. “Sandoogh96 provides Iranian people a space which their government systematically denies them,” Bahari says.

Download Sandoogh96 on your iPhone.

Download Sandoogh96 on your Android phone.

With the Iranian elections just three weeks away, Sandoogh96 is an exciting addition to the IranCubator team of apps. We believe Sandoogh96 can be an important step forward for transparency and better political participation in Iran. Mobile apps enable Iranians to learn, organize, assemble and express themselves, in an easier and more secure manner. That’s why Sandoogh96 and all of the IranCubator apps are so important.

No matter where you are, you can help by spreading the word about Sandoogh96. It’s important that all eligible Iranian voters know about the app – and we don’t expect the Iranian government (and state media) to promote it. Please help us tell others about Sandoogh96 now — before the elections. We’ve included some potential tweets and text you use below.