Complete shut down of Internet services for a day in Khorasan Provinces

Feb 4, 20100 comments

3-Feb 2010

Monday- Internet services in all the cities of Khorasan Razavi, South Khorasan, and North Khorsan provinces was cut off beginning on Monday morning. Several sources told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that while accessing Internet had come to a crawl on Sunday night in Mashad, starting on Monday morning, internet access was cut off completely in Mashad and all cities of Khorasan Razavi, North Khorasan, and South Khorasan provinces making all internet access from dial up to DSL unavailable. Internet access was not possible at coffee nets, either, and coffee net operators told customers that Iran Telecommunications had cut off Internet service, but did not give a reason for it. Internet services are cut off on the first day of the ten-day celebration of the Iranian Revolution, as it is said that Iran Telecommunications authorities are looking to test and find ways to close down Internet services during the times when public protests erupt but to keep them available for offices and banks so that their work is not interrupted.