Buildup to 22 Bahman – February 5th: “Silence is Compliance”

Feb 7, 20100 comments

Yesterday, the organization Democracy & Freedom for Iran – Arizona Chapter gathered for a two hour demonstration at Arizona State University, Tempe in a show of support for the anticipated 22 Bahman demonstrations in Iran. An article covering the event was published hours after: “Protestors held signs that read “Freedom for Iran”… as they stood in silent protests on a platform as ASU students passed. One member distributed fliers calling for freedom of speech, the release of political prisoners, and an end to the death penalty and torture.” Says organizer Renee Behinfar, “We feel it’s our duty to ensure the brave Iranian citizens know of the allies they have around the world as they continue to risk their lives for the freedoms we are so grateful to have. “ Activists and supporters, many with green “Xs” taped over their mouths, encircled themselves with signs reading “Arizona Supports You!” and posters calling for the release of prisoners, the end to torture, and the immediate halt to executions. Behinfar produced a dedicated video immediately after the event so as to make their support viral as quickly as possible (pictures & video below). Democracy & Freedom for Iran – Arizona Chapter is co-sponsoring a second event in Phoenix on Wednesday, February 10th to continue their momentum-building efforts. “Our efforts to spread the message of Iranians who are fighting for human rights, democracy, and freedom will continue until their goals are met. We seek to be a voice for the Iranian people.” Behinfar continued, “Silence is compliance.”

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Democracy & Freedom for Iran – Arizona Chapter The Arizona based “Democracy & Freedom for Iran” was founded to support the Iranian people at a time in which they are bravely demanding their citizenship rights and are engaged in efforts to eradicate the tyrannical regime. Our purpose and duty is to reflect the historic message of the great people of Iran, who in order to reach their immediate and obvious demands, are spreading their message throughout the world through rallies, speeches, and protests. Protests at ASU forces on Iranians’ plight, human-rights abuses تجمع در حمایت از مردم ایران در آستانه 22 بهمن در دانشگاه ایالتی آریزونا (شهر تمپ، 16 بهمن 1388)