Buildup to 22 Bahman

Feb 7, 20100 comments

As the opposition in Iran gears up for the anticipated demonstrations on 22 Bahman, the regime has decided to counter by celebrating the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution “with a series of events that began this week and culminate on February 11.” Dozens of organizations around the world coordinated an amazing 50+ locations and 60+ events worldwide(click here to see organizations and events in your area). A wealth of rallies, vigils, demonstrations, and marches are scheduled to take place between February 5th and 14th to raise awareness prior, during, and after the anticipated demonstrations in Iran. For the next ten days, we will be posting footage, pictures, summaries, and reports on the blog. We’re going to implement the “Daily Show” style of reporting by sharing the previous day’s news and footage the day after, allowing for a little bit of process time and reflection for us, the organizers, the community, and the media. Every event, every picture, every second of YouTube video contributes to building just a little more attention to the efforts of the Iranian people to attain human & civil rights. If you’d like to share footage from your events, feel free to forward pictures, articles, reports, and video to The U4I team will also be up around-the-clock for 22 Bahman to track and share footage and reports as they become available. Thanks everyone for their support!