Blogger Mohammad Esmaeelzadeh Transferred to Babol Prison General Ward

Mar 15, 20100 comments

Mohammad Esmaeelzadeh, a blogger from Mazandaran, was transferred to the General Ward of Babol Prison. He is serving a 91 day prison sentence for insulting the Supreme Leader. A source close to Esmaeelzadeh told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that his request for a few days furlough leave has been rejected by Judge Akbarzadeh, the Deputy Prosecutor of Babol who is in charge of most of the case files of detained political and students activists in Babol. Earlier, Esmaeelzadeh had been able to secure the prison authorities’ agreement for a few days furlough to visit with his wife in the hospital for the birth of their child, but the Deputy Prosecutor denied the temporary release. A Payam-e Noor University student, Esmaeelzadeh writes on his blog, Boutimar. In the aftermath of June elections, he was arrested for insulting the Supreme Leader and spent a month in an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp Intelligence Unit Detention Center. He is now serving his 91-day prison sentence. His sentence from the Revolutionary Courts of Babol also includes a suspended prison term and five years of deprivation of education in all Iranian universities.