“Bird of Freedom”: Detained Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh’s Present to Her Husband

Oct 7, 20110 comments

Nasrin Sotoudeh incarcerated human rights activist, dedicated this “bird of freedom” to her husband Reza Khandan on the occasion of their wedding anniversary (October 7th). The following is a post from Reza Khandan’s Facebook wall. A Unique Gift From Evin Prison on the Occasion of our Wedding Anniversary

We thought we were empty handed, we thought we had nothing at all but when we started to lose on thing after the other, each day became a memory for us and it was then that we wrote a song in memory of all that we once had… and in honor of the generosity of God… –Poet, Anna Akhmatova

Dedicated to the messengers of peace, democracy and freedom and dedicated to you on the occasion of our anniversary. I love you, Nasrin Evin 2011