Bail Posted for Three Imprisoned Journalists, Hope for Pre-Nowruz Release

Mar 12, 20100 comments

10 March

A source close to families of three Iranian journalists, Vahid Pourostad, Akbar Montajebi, and Ehsan Mehrabi told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that despite an announcement from the Iranian Judiciary about their release, they are yet to be released. As more political prisoners are being released from prison, the three journalists’ families continue to hope that they would be released in time for the Iranian New Year Nowruz, (March 21, 2010). This source also told the Campaign: “The three journalists’ bails were posted three days ago and their families are awaiting their release. Different sources report that the releases are underway and in all likelihood, they will be released over the coming days. The releases are presently only awaiting the signature of Tehran’s Prosecutor.” Pourostad, Montajebei, and Mehrabi are prominent Iranian journalists with reformist newspapers. Pourostad has published eight books in the area of media laws. Montajebi is a well-known journalist who writes in the area of politics. He has worked with newspapers such as Yas-e No and Shargh and has served as an editor with Shahrvand-e Emrooz weekly. The aforementioned source also told the Campaign that the three journalists have occasionally been denied their weekly visitation from their families and it is still not clear what their charges are.