Assassination of a Tehran physics professor (video of post-attack)

Jan 13, 20100 comments

A Tehran University professor was killed in an explosion outside his home as he attempted to leave for work on Monday. Massoud Ali Mohammadi was a professor of physics and quantum at Tehran University. Tehran Province’s security authorities have suggested this could have been a terrorist act. No one has taken responsibility for this attack and no one has been arrested.

Safar Ali Barati, Deputy in charge of Security for Tehran Province Governor’s office has said: “As he attempted to leave his home, this individual parked his car just outside his home and left the car [momentarily]. When he tried to get into the car again, the explosion of a motorcycle nearby harmed him and destroyed his automobile. Another car was damaged during this incident, several windows in the surrounding homes were broken, but no one was injured and the only individual killed in the incident was Mr. Ali Mohammadi.”