As Sotoudeh’s Hunger Strike Continues, “We Hope To Hear Good News”

Nov 9, 20100 comments

“I have not received any news about Ms. Sotoudeh’s situation over the past few days. I hope to hear some fresh news tomorrow, when I go to the courts,” Reza Khandan, husband of prominent human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, who has been on a dry hunger strike since Sunday, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. The lawyer and human rights activist’s husband expressed hope that by tomorrow things might change, and that Sotoudeh might end the hunger strike with changes made to her situation. During the last few days concerns have grown over Sotoudeh’s conditions. Nasrin Sotoudeh has represented many political prisoners who are currently at Evin or Rajaee Shahr Prisons. Press Release: Life of Jailed Human Rights Lawyer at Great Risk ( Sotoudeh embarked on a dry hunger strike for the second time since her arrest on 1 November. She remains in grave physical condition. On 4 November, her mother, sister and two children were allowed to visit her, while her husband was not allowed. After the visit, they described Nasrin as being very thin with a dark face and unable to walk straight. Nasrin Sotodeh, who has been inside Evin Prison since 4 September, went on hunger strike for the first time in the latter part of September, but by request from a group of political and civil activists, she temporarily ended her hunger strike in October. Nasrin Sotodeh had announced that if there is no change to her existing conditions, she would go on hunger strike again. Reza Khandan previously told the Campaign that his wife’s hunger strike was as a result of unusual conditions governing her situation. According to Khandan, the investigative phase of her case has been completed for more than two weeks, but the authorities refuse to transfer her to the prison’s general ward.