Amnesty International: Azadi Square Virtual Protest (in partnership with United4Iran)

Oct 12, 20110 comments

Student Activism is a Human Right United4Iran is partnering with Amnesty to encourage all worldwide to participate in this important campaign. In Iran, students continue to face egregious forms of repression and human rights abuses, as the Iranian authorities attempt to exert control over students opposed to their policies. Those who dare speak out do so at great risk and with devastating consequences. Majid Tavakkoli and Behareh Hedayat are two student leaders who were arrested after they participated in demonstrations calling for social and political reforms. Now, as they languish behind bars in prison, it is time to stand up for their rights and the rights of all student prisoners in Iran. Take Action for Iran

What is Azadi Square? Tehran’s Azadi square has been a central point of human rights activism in Iran. Literally “Freedom Square” in Persian, it is a space where contemporary protestors draw on the history of Iranian activism. Majid, Behareh and thousands of other Iranian activists filled the square after the disputed presidential elections of 2009. Today, we encourage activists to bring the significance and symbolism of Azadi to their own communities. By joining this virtual protest in Azadi “Freedom” Square, you’re connecting to those on the ground organizing for a free Iran. LET THEM HEAR YOU! What would any protest be without powerful messages of support? Add your messages of support now!