Ambiguities in the Case of Three Americans: No Meetings, No Trial, and No Phone Calls

Jan 25, 20100 comments

Massoud Shafiee, attorney to the three Americans who were detained six months ago after they drifted into Iranian territory, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that his efforts for accessing his clients have been unsuccessful and authorities in charge of the case refuse to address his requests. Shafiee said that he told the Prosecutor’s Office authorities, “These three individuals have been unable to contact their families for the past six months. All suspects in detention are allowed to contact their families occasionally to at least relieve their concerns for their health. These individuals’ families are seriously concerned about them and they have no idea what is happening to them in prison.” According to Shafiee, the personal items these individuals’ families sent them over the past several months have not been delivered to them yet. Despite earlier announcements about their imminent trial, no action has taken place in this regard. Shafiee also told the Campaign that he must be allowed to review his client’s cases before they go to trial, otherwise such a trial would be illegal. Shafiee expressed hope that his attempts to find information in this case, in which no information has been made available, prove successful.