Ahmad Ghabel’s Wife: “He Is Not Guilty, He Will Criticize The Regime Again If Necessary”

Dec 21, 20100 comments

Marzieh Pasdar, wife of the religious thinker Ahmed Ghabel, talked to the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran about the sentence issued for him last week. “In our opinion, Mr. Ghabel is not guilty and the amount of time he has already spent in prison has been against the law and Sharia. We have higher expectations from the Islamic Republic, a more reasonable and more humane behavior,” she said. Ahmad Ghabel’s trial court convened while the defendant was in his cell. Several times, Ahmad Ghabbel had protested the “inappropriate” behavior of the [prison] officers during body searches while being transferred to court, and had asked not to be brought to the court anymore because of it.

Ahmed Ghabel is a writer and a theological researcher. His trial court was convened in his absence on Tuesday. He was charged with “propaganda against the regime” and “insulting the Supreme Leader”; and was sentenced to twenty months’ imprisonment, three years’ ban from leaving his town of residence in exile, and three years’ ban from conducting interviews and speeches. He was further fined for possession of a satellite receiver, and his personal computer was confiscated as punishment. Marzieh Pasdar talked to the Campaign about her husband’s reactions to his sentence. “He usually does not show any reactions. He was prepared for any ruling. When I read him his sentence over the phone, I did not comprehend the ruling that much myself. After the telephone conversation, I went to his lawyer and became more aware of the sentence. By then I was no longer in communication [with my husband], and our visitation days are on Saturdays.” Marzieh Pasdar said that her husband does not accept the verdict. “He does not accept his sentence, nor does he accept it for others like himself. He believes that this verdict is against the law and Sharia. Mr. Ghabel believes it is his legal and Sharia-based right to have recommendations for the regime wherever he sees fit. If he sees a mistake somewhere, he talks about it, and criticizes the system, and so Mr. Ghabel would do it again. Because he cares and points out the errors of the regime, he deserves to be praised, not to be punished,” she told the Campaign.

Source: http://www.iranhumanrights.org/2010/12/ahmad-ghabels-wife-he-is-not-guilty-he-will-criticize-the-regime-again-if-necessary/