Activist’s Hospital Records Stolen: “I Am Fearful For My Life; I Am Under Psychological Pressure From Security Forces”

Mar 7, 20110 comments

Following news that security forces stole Narges Mohammadi’s medical records, she spoke the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran about her concerns after being informed. “They contacted me from the hospital and told me that security forces have visited my medical file and have taken away parts of it. I don’t know what the attraction of these documents is for security forces! Unless they have stolen them for a project. I am fearful about my life,” she told the Campaign. Narges Mohammadi was arrested on 10 June and released 22 days later. She developed a number of ailments while in prison. “I would like to tell the Campaign as a human rights organization that I find the lifting of my medical files very frightening. The stolen documents show what kinds of medicines I use, what types of treatments I am under, how I survive and what types of things threaten my health. Of what use are they to security forces?! Since I have been released, every week, every two weeks, and every month I am under psychological pressure from security forces. They have brought me to my knees. Now I am fearful for my life,” Mohammadi told the Campaign. “When I was released from the prison, I was hospitalized for 12 days and in the end I was not treated. Doctors told me that they couldn’t diagnose my illness and that I needed further treatment. I am under the care of neurologists and psychiatrists. Since they stormed my home on 9 February and mistreated me, my illness has worsened. My medical files were stolen while I remain under treatment and my case has not yet closed. All my medical documents were filed at the hospital in order to help the review of my case,” said Mohammadi. “I don’t know anything about their interactions with the hospital personnel.  I don’t know how they entered the hospital, or how they found the documents and took them. But by now I know they do this very easily. When they broke the door to my home at night and entered my private domain and ambushed me while I was getting ready for bed, entering the hospital and stealing my medical documents seems to be a natural thing and I don’t find it unbelievable. I don’t have any problems with these things anymore. My problem is something else. I have accepted that they do not follow the law when dealing with us and that they would act unethically,” said Narges Mohammadi about how her medical documents were accessed. “My issue right now is not my loss of freedom or being arrested; this time my issue is my life. Why would the security forces go to the hospital where I am receiving treatment and steal my medical file? What kind of information do they want and what do they want this information for?  I see this action as a threat on my life and I object to it,” said Mohammadi, a member of the Defenders of Human Rights Center. Narges Mohammadi’s husband, Taghi Rahmani, was arrested on 9 February. “I have no news of him. Today I am going to request that they allow my children visit to with their father. Arresting him in our home has affected them negatively. Yesterday my son told one of our relatives: ‘they took my dad to kill him, but God won’t let them.’ Today I want to take my children, Ali and Kiana, and ask an officer to take their hands and take them to see their father for a few minutes,” Mohammadi added. “I went to the Prosecutor’s Office several times, but each time I asked a question about Taghi Rahmani, they disavow any knowledge. I still don’t know which organization has arrested my husband and for what reasons,” she said about her husband’s case.