A powerful web of people all over the world

Sep 30, 20090 comments

Originally Published 7/17/2009 It is so powerful for me that our city organizer working with Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Dallas is a neurosurgeon intern at UCSF and he is helping organize the SF rally as well. Imagine his busy daily routine of 14 hours of work and then the dedication to devote his free time, the little of it that he has, to work on this project. He has never been involved in politics. He lost someone two steps removed last month. Then, we have ‘Omidvar’ here in the east bay that I have to force to stop working and make time to eat as she is pregnant. An Italian man from Bagnacavallo, Italy, population 16,000, is organizing because he is outraged about what he is learning about events in Iran. My American colleague has taken two weeks off from work and replied to our 100s of emails all day from her bed today as she was down with a cold. Another, an American human and labor lawyer, has taken a hiatus from work. She is our rock. I go to bed around 2am while most of my teammates are still up in NYC and DC. To me this is not just a day; it is the beginning of a coalition. They say history repeats itself. Yet I do not know of such a time when we all were part of a global activism by ordinary citizens wanting a better Iran and a better world— wanting to tell the people of Iran that we are behind them. I do not remember a time when diverse groups joined hands like this and just pitched in around the clock. And all in three weeks. Unprecedented. As far as I can remember. -Firuzeh