A Letter from U4I London to FT.com: Support struggle for democracy in Iran

Jan 13, 20100 comments

Picture 40Published: January 13 2010 02:00 | Last updated: January 13 2010 02:00
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From Mr Kamran Hashemi. Sir, The article “Atomic agitation” (Analysis, January 8) provides a detailed but rather disturbing picture of Iran’s nuclear ambitions and potential threat to the region’s stability. The authors list all the previously tried and failed options open to Barack Obama and his allies, from military intervention to economic sanctions. The article sadly ignores two significant but crucial factors amidst the most dramatic, turbulent and unprecedented events in the recent history of Iran. Experience has shown that sanctions can never force dictators to change their demonic plans and only hurt the defenceless people. With China and Russia’s shameless determination to stand behind the Ahmadi-Nejad regime, there is little chance that sanctions will ever work. The more important factor that is also ignored in the article is the current mass uprising in Iran, with the people’s demand for their democratic rights and an end to the dictatorial regime of Ahmadi-Nejad. The solution to Iran’s nuclear ambitions is democracy. A democratic Iran will embrace a peaceful nuclear energy programme and will be a force for regional stability. The west should abandon its futile plans for more sanctions against Iran and instead condemn without reservation the regime’s barbaric acts and stand by the people of Iran and provide them with its moral support in their fight for democracy. Kamran Hashemi, United4Iran, London N2, UK