A Companion for Every Iranian Women

Mar 10, 20170 comments

We’re so excited to share IranCubator’s newest app, Hamdam, with you. Hamdam, which means companion, aims to be Iranian women’s health and rights confidant. The app serves as a one-stop-shop for information related to the reproductive and legal rights of women in Iran.

Learn more by downloading Hamdam now.

On one hand, Hamdam empowers women to track their period and ovulation cycle, based on the Persian Jalali Calendar, and monitor their sexual health. The app helps women learn about personal sexual health by answering questions about contraception, diseases, breast self-exams and more.

On the other hand, the app has a database with easy to understand language which shows users how to better navigate Iran’s discriminatory legal structures with legal information oriented to empower them. Hamdam’s legal section answers questions on marriage law and how women can tackle problems with employment, education, divorce and division of assets. Iranian law doesn’t treat women as equals. Hamdam is here to help.

Here’s why Hamdam is important:

In the last two years, the Iranian Parliament has debated eight bills designed to limit women’s rights. Some of these bills limit access to women’s health and family planning services. Others take away protection from gender violence. Four of these bills have passed.

And the pending “Bill to Increase Fertility Rates and Prevent Population Decline” does it all: curbs access to contraception and information about family planning, cuts government funded family planning programs, and outlaws surgical contraception.

With our eyes on our ultimate goal to improve civil liberties, we aimed to create an app that would respond to some of Iranian women’s most immediate needs with Hamdam. We hope the app will be true to its name and becomes a true companian for Iranian women.

Download Hamdam Today.