13 Aban – Videos from Iran

Nov 3, 20090 comments

This year, 13 Aban has taken a new meaning to the students of Iran as they spill out into the streets demanding the innate human and civil rights guaranteed to them by several covenants. Check back frequently for up-to-the-second video, photos, news, and messages to come out of Iran.

  • A map of anticipated marching routes through Iran can be found here: /?p=4053
  • Photo gallery can be found here: /?p=4060
  • Media coverage can be found here: /?p=4121
  • Pictures & Videos from worldwide demonstrations can be found here: http://united4iran.org/?p=4110
  • If you receive pictures, messages, or videos out of Iran or around the world — please share with us by emailing the file or link to share@united4iran.org

Universities that participated include a small sampling in the below playlist. Schools shown in the below listed include Tehran University, Ahwaz University, University of Tabriz, Sharif University, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Yasouj University, Bahonar University of Kerman, Mashhad Azad University, Shahrekord University, Amir Kabir University, and Kashan University. Want us to add another video of a university not in this playlist? E-mail the link to share@united4iran.org

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