13 Aban – November 4th

Nov 2, 20090 comments

United4Iran has not organized any events for 13 Aban (November 4th). However, many cities and regions have been setting up demonstrations. Confirmed events can be found on our event calendar. The night of November 3rd, United4Iran’s team will be following and posting Facebook posts out of Iran, YouTube & Picture uploads, in addition to any and all news and messages we receive during the 13 Aban events. This year, 13 Aban has taken a new meaning to the students of Iran as they spill out into the streets demanding the innate human and civil rights guaranteed to them by several covenants. Check back frequently in the next couple days for up-to-the-second video, photos, news, and messages to come out of Iran. From TIME.com Tehran Braces for a New Showdown By Robin Wright Monday, Nov. 02, 2009 http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1933805,00.html

A new showdown looms in Iran this week, as the regime and its intrepid opposition gear up for what may be their biggest street confrontation since the protests that followed the disputed June 12 presidential election. The latest face-off is scheduled for Wednesday, when Iran commemorates the 30th anniversary of the U.S. embassy takeover by radical students. In an ironic twist, however, instead of the traditional festival of America-bashing, students across the country are being summoned to mark the event with a protest against their own government.