12Petals Media Group Presents the “Culture of Human Rights” to begin a new advocacy production series

Mar 15, 20100 comments

Updated March 15 with enhanced version of video.

12Petals Media Group, one of the organizations U4I coordinated with for 12/12 Arts United 4 Iran, has initiated the “Culture of Human Rights & Responsibilities Advcoacy Production Series,” which is meant to create outreach and awareness. This beautifully animated and produced video, subtitled in both English & Farsi, explores various aspects that encompass true human & civil rights. Take a look at the video below, and make sure to learn more about 12Petals Media Group on their website at http://www.12petals.org

From 12Petals Media This production is part of the 12Petals’s Culture of Human Rights and Responsibilities Advocacy Production Series. Please participate in this outreach goal by circulating this work to family, friends, and beyond. Help it reach to the hands of human rights activists and more importantly under-served youth at their adolescence and formative years in Iran and elsewhere for their considerations. Title: Culture of Human Rights by 12Petals Media Group Producer: Majid Baradar Art Direction/Art Production: Ardalan Payvar & Shadi Yousefian Special thanks are extended to many http://www.12Petals.org

On YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rKgFyJYhV0