12/12 Video & Music Contributions

Dec 14, 20090 comments

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A musical piece sent to United4Iran for 12/12 by musician Arash Sasan.

Faryaad(Cry)_Arash Sasan by arsa69

A song dedicated to the people of Iran by musician Sussan Deyhim, a 12/12 supporter. Her lyrics to another vocal piece based on Rumi were also scrolled across a (literal) green screen by U2, during their performance of “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” which they dedicated to the people of Iran. [See the video here] Dj Spooky + Sussan Deyhim: Azadi (The New Complexity) by Dj Spooky

The Plastic Wave has dedicated a song which can be found here: http://www.myspace.com/theplasticwave. U4I is working on getting the MP3 uploaded. Expect it today!