12/12 Arts United 4 Iran: Abbreviated Event Summary

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12/12 Event Message “In Honor and Celebration of the Civil Rights Movement in Iran.”

12/12 Event Background In celebration of International Human Rights Day, on Saturday December 12, 2009 United4Iran will facilitate Arts United 4 Iran, a day devoted to worldwide displays of musical, visual, and performing arts highlighting the issues of human rights in Iran. This is a non-partisan event focusing on human and civil rights in solidarity with the people of Iran. 12.12 is the first Saturday after International Human Rights Day (IHRD), which coincides with the 61st anniversary of the General Assembly’s adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is also the six-month anniversary of June 12th, the beginning of the peaceful protests in Iran that were violently put down. IHRD is historically marked by supporters engaging in action in support of human rights. 12/12 Event Sponsors

  • Front Line Defenders
  • Human Rights Watch
  • International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
  • Nobel Women’s Initiative
  • Reporters without Borders
  • PEN International
  • PEN Kenya
  • ARTICLE 19 (Make sure to check out ARTICLE 19’s new interactive website when it launches December 10th. http://www.AzadTribune.org will expose the organization structures behind Ira’s censorship system, assess recent trends in Internet-related detentions, and provide an opportunity for an online discussion.

With the generous support of the following organizations

  • 12 Petals Media Group
  • Ballet Afsaneh
  • Canadian Human Rights Voices
  • ChildrenofIran.net
  • Design Action Collective
  • Flowers4Iran
  • Grand Central Art Gallery
  • Intersection for the Arts
  • Iris Arts & Education Group
  • Kala Art Institute
  • Levatine Cultural Center
  • Mended Arrow Design/Gallery5
  • Mid-East Youth
  • Shahrzad Dance Company
  • Voz Propia Foundation

12/12 Demands to the the Government of Iran

  • Freedom of Expression, Assembly, and Press
  • Free Prisoners of Conscience in Iran
  • End Rape, Murder and Torture of Detainees and Hold Accountable Those Responsible

12/12 Goals

  • To continue standing in solidarity with all Iranian artists, activists, students, and concerned citizens fighting for their human and civil rights.
  • To increase public awareness regarding the continuing civil rights movement in Iran and the continuous human and civil rights violations in Iran.
  • To let the government of Iran know that we are still watching and will not tolerate the abuses.
  • To engage new partners and artists in support of civil and human rights in Iran.
  • To connect communities around the world working to support our brothers and sisters in Iran.
  • To build capacity in putting on events and building alliances.

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