12-12 Planning Guide: A Step-by-Step Guide to Arts United 4 Iran

Nov 14, 20090 comments

We encourage everyone far and wide to participate, contribute, create, and coordinate in Arts United 4 Iran. If you already have an event in the works – or are eager to organize one – for Arts United 4 Iran, just follow the below step-by-step guidelines! You (or your organization) can be part of our day by simply doing the following:

  • Register Your Event by e-mailing us at calandar@united4iran.org with your city, country, event address/location, time, and appropriate event details. Send us your contact information so we can communicate with you. We only share your information for events you want publicized and only with your explicit written permission.
  • Print Our Poster to have in your photos and/or videos. Include the details of event in your poster when printing it.
  • Tell the media about 12/12 Arts United 4 Iran! (Check back soon for our media kit.)
  • Arts & Action – Gather friends, neighbors, participants, etc. Take your action knowing that you will be one of hundreds of groups around the world joining in to support and celebrate both the civil rights movement and the artists of Iran.
  • And MOST CRUCIALLY – Document & Report Back! The most crucial part of 12/12 is to document & report back following your event – make sure to send us your pictures, videos, and whatever other documentation you have, so we can share it internationally, with the media, and with the people of Iran. Photos and videos are the primary way we can our efforts worldwide and tell the story. As advocates for a global movement, United4Iran knows that all efforts are amplified internationally when we are able to document and share our global solidarity with the world – be it with media, government officials, each other, or the people and artists of Iran. You might want to designate a volunteer to ensure this is done quickly and well. We’ll collect these images from around the world with your help and deliver them to the media. Together, we can show the world and the people of Iran how unified and global our support is

You can document your event in many ways! Consider some of the below listed.   PHOTOS

  • Take photos of your event with the Arts United 4 Iran poster. Please include the details of the event in the poster that you print. If you do not want your face in the picture, be creative and take a picture of hands, bodies at various angels, shadows, etc.
  • In pictures, raise your hand for Iran: Paint your hand green, wrap a green scarf around your wrist, or wear a green glove. Raise your hand making a peace (“v” sign) in the picture.
  • Select your best photo and email it to share@united4iran.org as soon as you can! If your event is ongoing and you can post our poster prior to 12.12, please send the photos share@united4iran.org as early as possible.
  • Include as many people as you can in your picture and hold the poster at a carefully selected location (if a public space). This can be at the entrance showing the name of the location, the lobby where everyone is gathered around the centerpiece dressed in green, etc. Be creative.


  • At bigger public events, use a basic digital camera to take a short video (30 seconds) raising your hand and either saying a message or documenting the action. You can choose more extensive or professional footage, but know that low-tech, low-budget footage is just as good!
  • For smaller private events, and for those with limited technical abilities, the picture is all we need. Upload your footage to YouTube and send the link to share@united4iran.org
  • As 12.12 approaches, we will write-up a text summarizing the breadth of events to be read at each event. Thank you for being part of this global movement in support of human and civil rights in Iran!