Zahra, la donna iraniana che vuole diventare presidente

È una donna di 52 anni e promette democrazia, dignità e giustizia. È candidata alle presidenziali iraniane e si chiama Zahra. Ma non esiste nella realtà, vive solo nella rete. In un Iran immaginario Zahra sarebbe candidata alle presidenziali del prossimo giugno,...

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Iran: a virtual candidate for the presidential election

Iran: a virtual candidate for the presidential election The people of Iran will be electing their new president on the 14th June. And one of the candidates,Zahra, does stand out from the crowd, because she is a fictional character: a 52 year old woman who says she’s...

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Zahra, la candidata virtual de Irán

La elección presidencial del 14 de junio en Irán tiene decenas de candidatos. Están los delfines del presidente Mahmud Ahmadinejad que no puede presentarse a la reelección; los del Líder Supremo y árbitro final de todas las cuestiones en el país, Ali Khamenei; y los...

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A Dark Horse Candidate in Tehran

By SOHRAB AHMARI It’s presidential election season in Iran, but as this newspaper has reported there is little public enthusiasm in the Islamic Republic for the June 14 vote. That’s not surprising given that most of the figures looking to succeed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad...

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KQED – Iranian-American Fiction

The editors of the first anthology of Iranian-American fiction say there is a maturing literary voice emerging from the Iranian-American community. Many Iranian immigrants came to the U.S. after the Shah was overthrown in 1979, and roughly half of them live in...

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July 2009 Global Day of Action News

Below is an excel file for the Global Day of Action News United for Iran received after Iran's contested 2009 elections.  Over 700 articles are included in this archive. U4I media clips...

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