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Working for civil liberties in Iran

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We are not afraid to dream big at United for Iran. Every day, against all odds, we work towards our mission — a free Iran where the liberties and rights of every citizen are honored. We know it is a nearly impossible task, yet it is our life’s work. We believe with hard work change is possible.

And after almost a decade of experience, we are having traction and making lasting change.

Injustices in Iran are injustices to the global community and greater human dignity. Regardless of where you are, this is an affront to us all — and it will take the power of all of us to be able to affect meaningful and lasting change in Iran.

We know that this dream of Iran is not only ours. We are looking for partners to make our collective dream a reality.

Do you share our dream for Iran? Do you believe in our impact here at United for Iran and are looking for an effective way to contribute?

Join as a trustee

For United for Iran, Trustees are our most committed and generous Allies who contribute $5,000 or more annually.

Trustees are our long-term supporters who connect us to their community and who share their vision and guidance on our programs.

As our closest partners, we will provide our Trustees with exclusive programs: Trustee-only gatherings and private opportunities to directly engage with the Executive Director and Co-Director regarding our work, and the situation in Iran.

To learn more about becoming a trustee of United for Iran, contact our Executive Director at