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Working for civil liberties in Iran

Safe Activism

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About the Booklet

Safe Activism provides critical information to Iranian activists on how to minimize the risk of arrest, navigate the interrogation process, and mitigate the consequences of incarceration. This booklet lists key best practices for stages before, during and after arrest, based on the experiences of over 30 Iranian activists.

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Here is what activists are saying about Safe Activism

  • Safe Activism is very practical and useful. It has avoided hero-worshiping and stereotyping. I believe this booklet can be very effective in helping activists who are at risk of arrest.

    — Ahmad Medadi, teachers’ rights activist

  • This booklet provides an accurate image of the conditions before and after an activist’s arrest. It prepares the activist for dealing with an irrational system, allows her to increase her resistance [to coercion], and in my opinion, reduces the costs of activism.

    — Somayeh Rashidi, women’s rights activist

  • I wish six years ago, when I was a student activist, we had access to such a crisp and well-written booklet.

    — Abbas Hakimzadeh, former student activist