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Working for civil liberties in Iran

IranCubator 2.0 Projects

IranCubator 2.0 Projects

After a vigorous selection process, several mobile applications, educational platforms, and online tools were selected as winners of the IranCubator 2.0 Contest.

The social good apps we incubated champion civil liberties and human rights in Iran. Among the apps we are incubating, we have an online platform that educates the public about sexual harassment in the workplace, an app that safeguards Iranians’ digital freedoms during times of unrest and internet shutdowns, as well as an app that teaches Iranian teenage boys to empathize with and respect teenage girls.

We are in the process of incubating and launching 6 apps as part of Iran Cubator 2.0. Security concerns for the developers and the users prevent us from revealing all of the apps that will be incubated and launched as part of IranCubator 2.0.

Cheragh Academy, Public education for the workplace without sexual harassment

Cheragh Academy is an educational website, an online training program and a social media campaign that provides transformational resources about workplace sexual harassment in Iran. The name Cheragh Academy translates to “Light Academy” because its mission is to bring to light this culturally and politically taboo topic.

Cheragh Academy imagines an Iran where all women and men feel safe in their workplaces and are able to pursue their interests and provide for their families without fear. Its goal is to educate Iranians about workplace sexual harassment: how to recognize when it’s happening, how to avoid being complicit in it, how to talk about it, how to seek safety and protection from it, and how to heal from it using a restorative justice framework.

Cheragh Academy was created by a group of experts, activists, thought leaders and culture makers led by Iranian feminist and women’s rights activist Samaneh Savadi.

Nahoft, a state-of-the-art encryption app made for Android mobile phones

Nahoft, which means “hidden” in Farsi, is a state-of-the-art encryption mobile app custom-built for Iranian users. While not a messenger, it can be used with any messaging app, even the ones controlled by the Iranian state. If there is an internet shutdown or if the international messaging apps are unavailable, Nahoft can make private communication secure in an insecure network.

Nahoft’s objective is to offer Iranians an extra layer of confidentiality and digital freedom and to show the Islamic Republic of Iran that its efforts to limit its citizens’ internet freedom will be thwarted at every step of the way.