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Working for civil liberties in Iran

IranCubator Contest

Putting technology to good use


We will accept the first round of applications for
IranCubator 2.0 through June 1st, 2020.

Three types of individuals and groups are qualified to apply:

  • Activists

    Are you an activist or a researcher with an app idea that would solve a social problem inside Iran? Do you need technical support to design and develop your app?

  • Techies

    Are you a techie interested in developing an app for good? Do you want to be teamed up with activists that are familiar with Iran’s social challenges?

  • Teams

    Are you a team of developers, activists, and managers with an app idea, and relevant experience and community? Do you need operational and financial support to develop an app?

Share your idea

Do you have an idea for a civically- or socially-minded app to be used in Iran? Do you know of an effective open-source app that can be translated and modified for Iranian society? If the extent of your involvement is sharing your idea, submit here and it just might come to life!


IranCubator’s Advisory Board will select the projects to be supported by IranCubator 2.0. The Advisory Board consists of individuals who are already building apps and other technologies for use inside Iran, mobile technology and security experts, social entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists with extensive experience in technology incubators.

Questions or concerns? Contact us to learn more!

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