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Working for civil liberties in Iran


Putting technology to good use

What is IranCubator?

IranCubator is a global contest for making Android apps that promote social good in Iran.

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The project is United for Iran‘s most ambitious to improve civil liberties in Iran. Imagine, victims of domestic violence being able to ask for immediate help no matter where they are in the country. Imagine, voters having access to balance news and information about presidential and city council candidates. Imagine every Iranian woman having an always-present companion that offers them advice on sexual health, contraception and their legal rights.

IranCubator has built apps that turn these ideas and others into reality.

IranCubator connects skilled app developers outside Iran with Iranian civil society leaders and is creating a suite of apps designed to empower Iranians and enhance civic engagement. The winning apps were chosen by IranCubator’s Advisory Board through the IranCubator contest. They received financial and institutional support to create their apps.

All IranCubator apps will be developed by the end of 2017.

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Who we are

United for Iran is an independent nonprofit working to improve civil liberties in Iran. Since 2009, United for Iran has carried its mission by advocating for human rights, supporting civil society, and engaging citizens through technology. IranCubator is our newest endeavour, headed by Reza Ghazinouri, Director.

ASL19 is a major IranCubator partner. As a technology lab working on access to information solutions, ASL19 will develop multiple apps, and ensure their sustainability by providing hosting and maintenance beyond the project’s end.

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The positive change IranCubator seeks to achieve is possible only through a wide network of supporting partners. Below are our partners–organizations we work with to campaign, research, and build technology.