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United For Iran

We are working to advance civil
liberties in Iran by advocating for
human rights, supporting civil
society, and engaging Iranians
through technology.


The Young Turks: Firuzeh Mahmoudi Talks About the Murder of Mahsa Amini

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CNN: Firuzeh Mahmoudi Speaks About the Latest Developments in Iran (video)

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PRI's The World : 'We're done': Iranians Use This App to Track Morality Police

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Iran Prison Atlas

The most comprehensive database of Iran's political prisoners, prisons, and judges

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Nahoft is now live

Nahoft is a state-of-the-art encryption app made for Android mobile phones



Defense against domestic violence

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Every woman’s companion

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Protecting children from abuse

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  • 610,000

    postcards and petitions sent to Iranian and international officials

  • 120,000+

    people organized in 110 cities in support of human rights in Iran in 2009

  • 6,000+

    cases of current and ex-political prisoners documented since 2011

  • 780,000+

    human rights and civic applications downloaded by Iranians

Safe Activism

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IranCubator 2.0

Technology for social good to empower Iranian citizens

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