Together, we are supporting civic activists and improving civil liberties in Iran. Your actions can help free prisoners and pressure the Islamic Republic to improve human rights. Together, we make a difference for the people of Iran.

Have a few minutes? Several important campaigns are under way now. Please lend your voice by signing a petition or two, or help expand our online network.

Want to have a bigger impact? You can organize a fundraiser or community event like a house party. Prefer to express yourself? You can share a blog post or send a letter to a political prisoner.

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Health Care 4 Prisoners

Political prisoner Atena Daemi is
asking for your support

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Mehdi Khodaee was sentenced to 7 years in prison for “propaganda against the system” for his work as a board member of Human Rights Activists in Iran. 3,289 supporters worldwide demanded Mehdi’s release. As of August 2015, he is back with his family.
Habibolah Latifi , a student activist and member of the Kurdish Worker’s party, was sentenced to be executed on December 26, 2010. The holiday season was chosen to minimize international attention. A few days before the execution, United for Iran ran a rapid-response campaign. Over 82,300 messages were sent in support of Latifi within 24 hours and his death sentence was suspended.
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Solidarity During World Cup
On opening day of the 2010 World Cup, a group of supporters in Johannesburg wanted to highlight the one-year anniversary of the 2009 uprising. They worked out all the logistics on the ground and we helped pay for the ads in the local paper and on buses. Their campaign was a success – and a lot of fun. Check out video from the day.
A Birthday Fundraiser
Having a party? Do it for Iran. One of our supporters, recently threw a birthday party and asked friends to donate to United for Iran instead of giving gifts. It was easy to do, raised nearly $2,000 and, more importantly, was a simple way to talk to new people about what’s happening in Iran and how to get involved.
A Flashmob in Paris
Arache and Behi are siblings and United for Iran allies. On June 12, 2011, they organized a flashmob in a Paris metro station to mark the two year anniversary of Iran’s disputed election and demonstrate sustained international support for the Iranian people. United for Iran supported the event, including hiring a videographer. Video of the Paris flashmob has been viewed nearly 90,000 times.
Reflection of Time in Prison
The time goes by faster than you imagine. It was exactly 6 years ago today that I got arrested for the second time. Those days Iran was blanketed with massive street protests against the presidential election. I was jailed in a six-by-nine foot cell. There was no pen or paper, no desk or mirror. There is no clock in solitary confinement, and the warden confiscated my watch. Read more.
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