Tile-printed posters: an easy, inexpensive, & effective way to highlight prisoners of conscience

June 3, 2010

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Making tile-printed posters is an easy and inexpensive way to render wall sized posters using any picture you want. The program (available for free and surprisingly easy to use, find it here: http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/wizard.gas?Phase=1) creates huge images of any picture using dots printed across multiple sheets of regular printer paper.

We printed and put a few together to see how long it takes. The assembly and printing took less than half an hour and ended up a being a great group activity because the assembly took several pairs of hands.


A tile-printed poster of Behrouz Javid Tehrani (80 sheets of paper - 8x10)


A tile-printed poster of Zeynab Jalalian (36 sheets of paper - 6x6)

Each sheet of paper printed is a piece of the full poster (a “tile”) that, when all put together, creates a poster from the picture used. The program can make posters from any picture as big as 20 meters in size. Read below for step-by-step directions to create a tile-printed poster.

You are welcome to use any picture, banner, poster, postcard, and design available on 12June.org to create your tile-printed poster. Below the directions there is also a gallery of pictures for use.

Consider pre-printing the sheets and assembling the poster in public. Putting it together is an event in and of itself. Make a video or take pictures of the poster’s assembly & finished project and send them to share@united4iran.org

Alternately, you can pre-make the tile-printed posters and tape them to boards so as to easily transport them to events.


  1. Choose the picture out of which you want to make a poster.
    Feel free to use any poster, postcard, and design available on 12June.org, or select from the gallery below.
  2. Upload your picture to the tile-printing program here: http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/wizard.gas?Phase=1
  3. Choose your poster size and crop the picture
    In “CROP” mode, you can decide if you want your poster landscape or portrait (horizontal or vertical). You can also decide what portion of the picture you would like to use. If you want to use the whole picture, do not adjust the crop box around the picture. In “SIZE” mode, you can decide how many sheets of paper you would like to use for printing your poster. The more sheets of paper you choose to use, the bigger the poster. Posters that are between 36 (6×6) and 100 (10×10) sheets work best. When done, hit the “NEXT” button at the bottom of the screen. After hitting next, hit the “CONTINUE” button when prompted. You will be taken to the poster options page.
  4. Select the tile-printed poster options.
    Make sure to unselect the “Draw border around area” option at the top of this page. If selected, it will draw a dim rectangle around the graphic of each page – this is useful only if you want to cut away at the paper’s empty margins. If you do not want to cut the margins, UNSELECT the option. Hit the “rasterbate” button at the bottom of the options. It will automatically render the poster.
  5. Download your new tile-printed poster
    After the image is done rendering, you will be prompted to download a PDF file of the poster. Save the file to your computer. When you open the file, there should be as many pages as you selected, with each sheet being a piece of the entire poster. Print the poster out on any printer and use tape to assemble it!

If you have any trouble rendering posters, please e-mail us at info@united4iran.org. Remember to share your video and photos of this action by sending them to share@united4iran.org!

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