Prisoners of Conscience

In their own words: quotes from Iran’s prisoners of conscience

June 9, 2010

TweetUse these quotes and letter excerpts at your events, in videos, during speeches and interviews — any place where further humanizing Iran’s prisoners of conscience is possible. Thank you to Persian2English for compiling this toolkit. Download the FULL DOCUMENT here: P2E-Prisoner Quotes

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Saeed Matinpour

June 2, 2010
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Saeed Matinpour is a graduate of the philosophy program at Tehran University and a member of the board of editors of the weekly publications Yarpagh and Moje Bidari. Saeed is also well known for articles not only protesting the IRI’s human rights violations, but also calling for “increased political, cultural and linguistic rights of the Azerbaijani people in Iran, including the right to primary education and to publish in Azerbaijani language.”

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Majid Tavakoli

June 2, 2010
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“Ali was not there to bring calm and serenity to the library as we sat leafing through the books. Even though they were not there, the memories of Farzad, Ali, and Farhad remained strong. I promised Farzad I would not cry as it would only glorify oppression and tyranny. But I want my brother Farzad to know, that like all the other children of this nation, I have made a vow to never forget him and continue his cause for freedom.” -Majid in a letter about the 5 prisoners of conscience executed in May 2009

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Prisoner List & Index of Biographies

May 31, 2010
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View a list of the prisoners of conscience being focused on for 12 June, as well as their city and organization advocates.

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